Emerging Theologians: Theology from the Classroom

Following reports published recently in the British media, the state of Religious Studies in secondary schools across the country has been criticised greatly. The poor quality of education is being delivered by teachers who either have no extensive knowledge of the subject, or who are not at all qualified to teach RS; needless to say this has a negative impact on young people's understanding of the world faiths and ultimately may lead to a skewed and flawed impression of religions that are (perhaps) Continue reading [...]

A beginner’s guide to theology.

Well, first off might I start by bidding you a good evening (or good night if you want to be pedantic), or indeed good morning if you've already changed your clocks. It has been far too long since my last update and I do feel slightly guilty, but university work has been a priority recently and has put me off writing to you for a while. Nonetheless, I'm writing now and on a topic which I promised to write about a few months ago, after I'd written my essay on it. I'm pleased to say that my Sources Continue reading [...]

God, Jesus and the paternity argument that ended in divorce.

Good afternoon to you all, and I believe Happy New Year is in order? Yes indeed, this is my first blog post of 2011 and what better way to kick off the New Year with a very inspiring and interesting ramble of the philosophical type! I must concede, that it is to my very good friend and fellow classmate (and philosopher) Ryan Michejew/Kisel I owe the inspiration needed to even considering writing this; so a thousand "thank you"s. I guess to all of you of reading this who couldn't care less about Continue reading [...]

Philosophical musings: Life after death

The following is an extended essay in response to the question "Only a belief in an embodied existence after death is philosophically justifiable. Discuss" for my A-level Philosophy coursework written between September '08 and January '09. The piece only attained a D grade, however, I believe this was due to the piece's deterring from the original question. I feel that the essay raised some interesting points and I wanted to share it with you. Please feel free to leave your comments. An embodied Continue reading [...]