Setting the Record Straight on “Islamic” Extremism

As part of my school's PSHCEE (that's Personal Social Health Citizenship Economic Education) programme, year 7s and year 10s were treated to a day spent learning about different issues pertaining to diversity (year 7s) and work/business (year 10s). I initially wanted to deliver a session about Paganism, as it's something that is never taught in secondary religious studies and a lot of British culture and heritage, along with Christianity lends itself to Pagan traditions. However, as the school in Continue reading [...]

Science & Religion: Bridging the Gap

Following yesterday's article regarding the importance of religious studies in schools, I felt it important to address one of the potential issues regarding society's growing attitude towards religion as a whole. It may be seen that the growth and expansion of scientific knowledge has led to religion being placed on the back burner when it comes to knowing about the world. The essay below attempts to counter this assumption by discussing the links between the theory of natural selection, and Continue reading [...]

Was Jesus’ Death Necessary?

A bit of a morbid subject matter considering the time of year we have arrived at, but nevertheless an important question to consider all-year-round. As we all sit down and get ready to tuck into our Christmas lunches tomorrow afternoon, we must consider that the reason we celebrate Christmas (Roman politics aside), is to acknowledge the birth of Jesus. As this boy grew up into a man and began his ministry, he embarked on a journey that would eventually lead to him being revered all around the world Continue reading [...]

My theological mission.

As I continue to scrimp and save in order to pay for my doctorate next year, I began today to jot down some ideas as to what it is I'll be spending 4-6 years researching. I ended up drafting the foreword to my research which, I'd like to share with you now. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the unknown. I have always asked questions that either no one can answer, or to which the answers are difficult to obtain; what lies at the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean? How big Continue reading [...]

12 Theses of Theology from a Liberal.

As the end of my formal theological education approaches, I thought I'd share my theses for theology that should be considered when taking this age-old discipline into the future¹. Of course these theses demonstrate a fairly radically liberal approach to theology, but hopefully when read as a whole, they will make sense and convince you that if theology and belief in religion is to continue into the future, there is no other way to approach Christianity but from a liberal perspective. I shan't Continue reading [...]