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A guide to liberal faith: from a liberal

Most people are surprised when I tell them that I am a man of faith. Not because I'm some sort of deviant who left the rails of righteousness many years ago, but because I've always portrayed myself as a man of reason and logic, and I've spoken about my love and interest of science, in particular, astronomy. Now there may be some of you wondering why those things cause surprise amongst people when they learn of my faith convictions. To be honest, I often wonder the same. But when I attempt to understand Continue reading [...]

Remembering Prince

It's not often these days I indulge myself by writing pieces relating to personal interests aside from theology and politics, but as you've all probably heard by now, the legendary musician and artist known as Prince, has passed away. If you know me personally you'll understand that the news that broke yesterday has completely shaken me and I left reeling and shocked. For those of you who don't, Prince contributed so much to the person I am today and his passing feels more like a personal bereavement Continue reading [...]

Petition to Change Our Electoral System

Dear readers, As you know from previous posts around the General Election, the issue of electoral reform is something I care very deeply about. This morning I began an online petition to prompt the government to debate the issue in Parliament. I support a system of proportional representation by the Single Transferrable Vote; this has been a key policy of the Liberal Democrats (and formerly the Liberal Party) for over 20 years and something I think the British public need to be made aware of. The Continue reading [...]

An Open Letter to Nick Clegg

Dear Mr Clegg, First of all, may I congratulate you on winning your seat in the Sheffield Hallam constituency. I know the evening's results overall were crippling to the Liberal Democrats, but I wanted to offer my words of support for you, and for what you stand for. I first found an interest in politics during the last election in 2010. My dad has always voted Lib Dem and so naturally, I looked into what your party stood for, so that I could inform my decision as to whether or not to carry on Continue reading [...]