15 Facts About Prince That’ll Make You Feel Something

The originally-suggested title for this article was facts to make your hairs stand on end. Now, I’m one of the biggest Prince fans around, but even I don’t think a Prince fact could have that affect on me. Instead, here are 15 Prince facts that will make you feel…something…maybe.

It’s okay for you to feel stress and worry about Covid-19

It’s perhaps one of the most common cliches of the new woke era: “it’s okay to not be okay”. But for every celebrity, politician and Facebook friend who’s shared and reshared inspirational images and quotes during the various different mental health awareness weeks, how many of them actually believe it? The coronavirus pandemic is unlike […]

A Reflection on Brexit and the Last Three Years

After 47 years of membership and almost four years of political wrangling and turmoil, the United Kingdom has left the European Union (sort of). As soon as Parliament gave the green light to hold a General Election before Christmas, I knew that the 31st January would be immortalised as the day our EU membership ended.

For the first time in my life, I’m conflicted about who to vote for

I can no longer claim to be comfortable with “wasting my vote” on a candidate who has no chance in hell of winning, simply because it’s the candidate I prefer.

A Second Referendum is Now the Only Way to Resolve the Brexit Impasse

Three Prime Ministers, a General Election, countless votes and an illegal prorogation haven’t managed to resolve the crisis the country now finds itself in. The problem? Parliament.