Clegg in action – And by gosh did he make a good impression.

Wow! A political rambling?! It's about bloody time. I know, I've been very lapse of late and I think this is probably the first proper ramble I've had since the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. My political fire has reignited and it's mostly thanks to the memoirs of ex-Business Secretary Lord Mandelson; reading The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour has really spurred me on to get back into following British Politics. And what a day to rediscover my political passion. With Prime Continue reading [...]

The government, the recession and the miserable bastards who complain about them both

I'm sorry, but I feel well within my rights to have a bit of a bloody rant here. I'm sat watching the local news for Yorkshire and listening to countless people complaining about the cuts that have to be made within the council; it's down to a 'bloody Conservative government' says my mother - hang on a second, let me please tell you what is wrong with that. Firstly, this would've happened next year under a Labour government, it's just that Cameron felt it better to reduce the deficit now rather Continue reading [...]

All quiet on the Westminster front

Many of you are probably wondering why I’ve not posted anything political for a while. Truth is, it’s all seemed to have died down; Clegg has full support of his Liberal followers, senior Tories have warmed to the idea of the coalition and the Labour leadership battle is just getting under way with both Milliband brothers standing for election – there’s nothing overly dramatic going on. It’s all a bit quiet and happy happy…a bit too happy quiet and happy happy. But you know, if Continue reading [...]

No political posts tonight

Just a quick note to readers of my blog. There'll be no political posts tonight as I feel like giving myself a night off. I'm going to a gathering of some very good friends whom I feel I have neglected a lot recently. So yes, I do have a social life; I don't just sit at my computer all night, finding boring things to moan about whilst drinking myself into oblivion - shock horror Tomorrow I plan to discuss whether or not this coalition govenment can actually work. I hope you're all on your toes Continue reading [...]

I just thought I’d share this with you

I just got sent this link, and it really made me laugh:

Please excuse the lack of articulate, witty and satirical posts…

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