15 Facts About Prince That’ll Make You Feel Something

The originally-suggested title for this article was facts to make your hairs stand on end. Now, I’m one of the biggest Prince fans around, but even I don’t think a Prince fact could have that affect on me. Instead, here are 15 Prince facts that will make you feel…something…maybe.

Remembering Prince

It’s not often these days I indulge myself by writing pieces relating to personal interests aside from theology and politics, but as you’ve all probably heard by now, the legendary musician and artist known as Prince, has passed away. If you know me personally you’ll understand that the news that broke yesterday has completely shaken me […]

Would Michael have ever thrilled again?

Good evening friends, hope you’re all swell. It’s been a fair old while since I posted and to be honest, it’s with good reason! I’ve been working full time and chipping away at my dissertation for third year (yes, I am already working on it) so I haven’t really managed to find a spare moment […]

Did Religion Ruin Prince?

Good evening readers, how are you? As I’ve been sitting in my loft room at my dad’s for nearly the past week I have rediscovered my admiration for the work of the Artist Formerly Known As An Unpronounceable Symbol, the one and only, Prince. So what? You’re writing a blog post to tell us that you’ve […]

Where I was, two years ago.

For those of you who don’t know, today marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. On MJJC, an international fan community website, there is a forum discussion talking about where we all were when we heard that Michael has passed. I just thought I’d share my response with you.     I remember I […]