About Me

I was born in Leeds on March 6th 1992 and haven’t lived anywhere else but Yorkshire since; I currently live in Scarborough, on the Yorkshire Coast. I spent three years working in education. Firstly as a teaching assistant in Knaresborough, then as a Learning Manager in Harrogate and most recently as a Classroom Cover Supervisor in York. I now work within digital marketing as a proof reader and SEO copywriter. I joined the Liberal Democrats at the age of 18, during the 2010 general election and helped to establish the local party in the Selby and Ainsty constituency in 2015. In 2016, I was elected to the executive committee of the Scarborough and Whitby party and in 2017, I stood as a parliamentary candidate in the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, in the UK General Election. I am currently the vice-chair and campaigns officer for the Scarborough and Whitby Liberal Democrats.

I began my theological education in 2010 where I studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Religious Studies. In November 2013, I graduated with a 2:1 and was awarded the BA (Hons) Theology & Religious Studies, Final Project/Dissertation Prize, for my research entitled A Critical Analysis of John Hick’s Approach to Christology.

I completed my Master’s degree in Contemporary Religion in September 2016 with merit,  and hope to eventually  complete my doctoral research.

My aim, after completing my PhD, is to take a teaching post within an academic institute so that I may have the hope of inspiring other people the way that I have been inspired by my tutors, lecturers and teachers, to ask the difficult questions and to attempt to search for themselves, for the answers. I also aim to be a published writer within the field of theology, philosophy and religious studies, and this blog is but a starting point for this dream to one day become a reality.

All views expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent those of my colleagues, or any institution to which I am affiliated either academically or professionally.