In Defence of Religious Studies

The importance of religious studies as an academic discipline is something for which I have argued many times in the past, however it is a culmination of events and conversations this week that have compelled me to explain and cement the absolute necessity of religious studies to have a place in our schools' classrooms. There have been numerous news reports over the last couple of years commenting on the steady decline of religious studies across British schools. Attending an interview this week Continue reading [...]

My theological mission.

As I continue to scrimp and save in order to pay for my doctorate next year, I began today to jot down some ideas as to what it is I'll be spending 4-6 years researching. I ended up drafting the foreword to my research which, I'd like to share with you now. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the unknown. I have always asked questions that either no one can answer, or to which the answers are difficult to obtain; what lies at the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean? How big Continue reading [...]

The End?

So today marks the return of my final piece of undergraduate work, the dissertation. I am pleased to say that I received 78% for my work (which converts as a First), providing me with an overall degree classification of a 2:1. Needless to say I am over the moon with my performance not only in the dissertation, but over the three years as a whole. But as I spend my last couple of days as an unemployed graduate before moving back to Harrogate to begin a full--time position as F&B Supervisor at Continue reading [...]

12 Theses of Theology from a Liberal.

As the end of my formal theological education approaches, I thought I'd share my theses for theology that should be considered when taking this age-old discipline into the future¹. Of course these theses demonstrate a fairly radically liberal approach to theology, but hopefully when read as a whole, they will make sense and convince you that if theology and belief in religion is to continue into the future, there is no other way to approach Christianity but from a liberal perspective. I shan't Continue reading [...]

That’s a wrap!

Good afternoon, long time no see right? It's been a fair old while since I wrote to you but to be honest, the past few months have been pretty hectic; university work, my job, socialising and generally being a responsible adult (spending lots of money and staying in bed all day) has meant I haven't really had a free moment to sit down, and just write. I suppose the main focus of this post is just to gloat about the fact that I have finally finished university for the year. That's it. All Continue reading [...]