New government by this evening?

The latest reports from the BBC suggest that Britain will have a new government this evening. Officials from number 10 have confirmed that they recognise that talks between themselves, the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats have failed and that Mr Brown is expected to resign as prime minister later today. It still remains unclear […]

Decision time

Conservative leader David Cameron has said it is “decision time” for the Liberal Democrats to choose who they will support in forming a stable and secure government. The claim comes after Gordon Brown announced his resignation and the opening of formal talks between his party, the Labour party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. It seems […]

My take on Brown’s departure

With the announced resignation of Mr Brown this afternoon, it’s playing on my mind that a Liberal Democrat/Labour coalition looks more and more likely. Talks have formally opened between the two parties which begs the question as to what’s going on exactly with the Tory talks? I reckon, it was one of Clegg’s conditions of […]

Brown steps down as Labour leader

Prime minister and leader of the Labour party Gordon Brown,  has today announced that he will step down from his post and allow a leadership election to take place in the wake of news that Liberal Democrats have officially opened talks with the so-called failed party. I think he’s long seen this coming, I think […]

Sleeping with the enemy

With talks between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats entering their third day, new information from the BBC has revealed that senior Lib Dem MPs met with Labour politicians in secret. It begs the question as to what exactly Nick Clegg is up to. He’s in a very difficult position; with the balance of power […]