Appearance on BBC’s The Big Questions

As those of you who follow my Twitter feed will know, I was asked to appear as a guest panelist for the BBC’s flagship religious, ethical and political debate show, The Big Questions. The questions posed in the debate was ‘Do we have free will?’, a topic I have written about in the past, but haven’t […]

Podcast Episode 1 – Available Now!

This episode explores the reasons why Religious Studies is an important and valuable subject and explores the potential issues facing its standing and quality in schools across the United Kingdom.

First Podcast Episode – Available Now!

It’s been a long time coming, but the first episode in my new Podcast is now available to stream online via YouTube. The first Episode is just an introduction to the new series and covers the inspiration behind using a video format rather than audio, and lets you know what sort of things you can […]

Podcast: Coming Soon

Good evening folks. Just a quick update from me – starting soon will be a new way for you to keep up-to-date with my latest theological and philosophical musings! When I get around to it, I’ll be recording numerous ‘podcast’ episodes, free for you to download and listen to from the site. I can’t promise […]

Merry Christmas!

Hello all! I’ve been a disgrace. I have not written to you in over a month and a half and the last of my posts was merely a link for some Michael Jackson fans to download snippets of the then upcoming songs from his new album. So for that you have my sincere apologies. I […]