Nick Clegg – Setting the Record Straight

As the United Kingdom comes to terms with the reality of the 300 year old Union remaining intact, the possibilities for all countries within the British Isles provide political commentators, analysts and those with a casual interest with an exciting prospect. David Cameron, on Friday morning, made a promise that may seem quite surreal. English […]

A very belated take on the coalition government

I must apologise for the absence of any post yesterday, the trials and tribulations of A-level English Language tore me away from my beloved audience and blog readers. With the housekeeping bit in order let’s get down to business. So, we have a new government, a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition – the best outcome? After watching […]

New PM, New Government, New Britain. New Lib Dems?

David Cameron tonight became the new prime minister of the UK after talks between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party failed, prompting Gordon Brown’s immediate resignation as leader of his party and acting prime minister. Her Majesty the Queen invited Cameron to form a government after accepting Brown’s resignation earlier this afternoon. In a […]

New government by this evening?

The latest reports from the BBC suggest that Britain will have a new government this evening. Officials from number 10 have confirmed that they recognise that talks between themselves, the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats have failed and that Mr Brown is expected to resign as prime minister later today. It still remains unclear […]

Decision time

Conservative leader David Cameron has said it is “decision time” for the Liberal Democrats to choose who they will support in forming a stable and secure government. The claim comes after Gordon Brown announced his resignation and the opening of formal talks between his party, the Labour party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. It seems […]