The Conservative Party is broken

It’s no longer the party of Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher. It’s not even the party of Theresa May! It’s the party of Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davies and Boris Johnson. And that they are the governing party sends shivers down my spine.

Why There Must Be An Early General Election

So history has been made this week: David Cameron has become the youngest Prime Minister to leave office at the tender age of 49. In his place, former Home Secretary Theresa May, who was elected by…oh. That’s right. She hasn’t been elected at all. The new Prime Minister has assumed office with the backing of 199 […]

True Blue: The Future Must Be Brighter, It Must Be Orange

Apologies for the rather clichéd title. I actually used the latter part in a draft post I started weeks ago in which I discussed the future of the Liberal Democrats under the leadership of Tim Farron. Like so many of my posts it started, then other things took precedent and so it flitted away into […]

A very belated take on the coalition government

I must apologise for the absence of any post yesterday, the trials and tribulations of A-level English Language tore me away from my beloved audience and blog readers. With the housekeeping bit in order let’s get down to business. So, we have a new government, a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition – the best outcome? After watching […]

New PM, New Government, New Britain. New Lib Dems?

David Cameron tonight became the new prime minister of the UK after talks between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party failed, prompting Gordon Brown’s immediate resignation as leader of his party and acting prime minister. Her Majesty the Queen invited Cameron to form a government after accepting Brown’s resignation earlier this afternoon. In a […]