New PM, New Government, New Britain. New Lib Dems?

David Cameron and the QueenDavid Cameron tonight became the new prime minister of the UK after talks between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour party failed, prompting Gordon Brown’s immediate resignation as leader of his party and acting prime minister. Her Majesty the Queen invited Cameron to form a government after accepting Brown’s resignation earlier this afternoon.

In a speech outside his new home in Downing Street, prime minister David Cameron stated that we would push for a full and formal coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. The results of the ongoing negotiations between the two parties have yet to be officially announced.

However, it seems more and more likely that a coalition is on the cards with rumours circulating Westminster tonight that Liberal Democrat MPs will be granted six seats around the cabinet table, including the possible appointment of Nick Clegg to the post of deputy prime minister. One of the most startling (in my opinion) revelations of the day is the speculated adoption of the Lib Dem tax reform policy by the Tories; meaning that no one who earns less than £10,000 per year will pay income tax.

If a coalition is to happen, then we could see not only the start of a new politics, a new government and a new Britain, but also the start of a new and upcoming Liberal Democrat party. Clegg has been offered something that no other Lib Dem leader has before, the chance of some…some power in the House of Commons. If Clegg plays his cards right, and if Lib Dem policy is passed by the Conservatives then we could see a drastic rise in support for the often forgotten about, radical left-wing party. I believe personally that by the time of the next general election in 2014/2015, we could see a real contest by the Liberal Democrats for the command of the House of Commons and the keys to 10 Downing Street.

All praise though to Gordon Brown, he has to be admired for stepping down when he did and allowing a government so badly needed at this time of uncertainty to be formed quickly and without contest.

Hopefully by the morning, we will have a clear idea of just what Cameron’s new government will consist of. Being a Liberal supporter, I sincerely hope to see the Liberal Democrats in a coalition with the new Conservative government.


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