Decision time

Conservative leader David Cameron has said it is “decision time” for the Liberal Democrats to choose who they will support in forming a stable and secure government. The claim comes after Gordon Brown announced his resignation and the opening of formal talks between his party, the Labour party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats.

It seems as though Cameron will do anything for the chance of getting the keys to number 10 after he reportedly ‘upped’ his game by offering the Lib Dem leader a referendum on switching to the ‘alternative vote’ system; a compromise on both politicians’ parts.

It remains to be seen whether or not Clegg will give up his stance on a proportional representation voting reform or whether he will meet Cameron in a compromise on policy. As I blogged earlier, it feels like as much as Clegg claims to be making the decision in the interests of the British public, he’s doing what politicians do best – looking out for their best interests. He’ll be asking himself which party can offer him the best deal for the likelihood of the degree of power, not seen offered to the Liberal Democrats before.

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