That’s a wrap!

I'm so funny.

Good afternoon, long time no see right?

It’s been a fair old while since I wrote to you but to be honest, the past few months have been pretty hectic; university work, my job, socialising and generally being a responsible adult (spending lots of money and staying in bed all day) has meant I haven’t really had a free moment to sit down, and just write.

I suppose the main focus of this post is just to gloat about the fact that I have finally finished university for the year. That’s it. All done…at least until October. I am no longer a second year student, but about to embark on the final chapter of my undergraduate life. After spending the last year writing countless essays ranging from how Anakin Skywalker is basically Jesus, to picking apart an Old Testament passage to discover its ‘true’ meaning, I can say with my hand on my heart that part of me is glad to see the end of the year.

How exciting!

So, I have four months between now and the start of my final year. What do I intend to do? Well I’m back at the Hilton (don’t ask) so I’ll be working a fair old bit, but I also have my dissertation to start! Scary stuff. To be fair, I could probably have my dissertation researched, planned, started and written in four months – but I suppose I have to leave room for my Xbox right? Not only that, but come the 18th September I’ll be attached to my stereo and DVD player, as the Michael Jackson Estate is releasing a 25th anniversary edition of the album Bad; 3 CDs featuring live audio and never-before heard demos and outtakes along with the first ever DVD release of a Bad Tour concert – sorry guys, it might sound geeky and werid, but this is pretty much every Michael Jackson fan’s dream come true!

I did have a quick peek through the drafts of posts I’ve started over the past few months and there were a couple that I should probably find the time to sit down and write; one of which is directly linked to my dissertation topic. ‘Jesus: Who Do You Think You Are?’ is the title of the post I intended to write and like I said, forms the basis of what my dissertation is all about – the title of which is a little more academic sounding, I don’t quite think I’d get away with the former as a title for a piece of research.

Anyway, I’m rambling on about nothing important and I know you all came here to read some funny, sarcy or witty story about something random. Well, sorry to disappoint. I haven’t watched the news in a while so I really have no idea what’s going on and trying to make theological matters entertaining is no easy task. But do drop back again soon, like I say, as it’s the summer I should have a lot more free time on my hands so with luck I’ll be posting a bit more frequently.

Enjoy the sunshine, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Peace y’all.