Science & Religion: Bridging the Gap

Following yesterday’s article regarding the importance of religious studies in schools, I felt it important to address one of the potential issues regarding society’s growing attitude towards religion as a whole. It may be seen that the growth and expansion of scientific knowledge has led to religion being placed on the back burner when it […]

In Defence of Religious Studies

The importance of religious studies as an academic discipline is something for which I have argued many times in the past, however it is a culmination of events and conversations this week that have compelled me to explain and cement the absolute necessity of religious studies to have a place in our schools’ classrooms. There […]

Theodicy: Theology’s Biggest Problem?

Every time I am questioned about my faith and theological views, the conversation that follows my response is almost certainly, always full of challenge and scepticism surrounding my idea of Christianity and God. This is an understandable outcome. It is no secret that the problem of evil, theodicy, is one of the greatest challenges posed […]

My theological mission.

As I continue to scrimp and save in order to pay for my doctorate next year, I began today to jot down some ideas as to what it is I’ll be spending 4-6 years researching. I ended up drafting the foreword to my research which, I’d like to share with you now. Ever since I was […]

Where is God? Searching for a new way to justify God’s existence in the face of evil.

1.0  Introduction The fact of evil constitutes the most serious objection to the Christian belief in a God of love. (Hick 1988: ix) The above quote from John Hick explains that the biggest problem faced by belief in the traditional Christian God of love, is the fact that evil and suffering exist in the world, […]