Why God exists.

Evening folks. The title of this one may have you asking: "What on earth does Clarke have to be doing (or incidentally, not doing) to possess him write such a piece at 1am?" Well I'm not out partying for a start, and seeing as though I've had such a long day travelling to and from Harrogate - not for fun, I'm on work experience at my old secondary school - I fell asleep earlier after a feast of Dominos and tea and thus, I'm not tired anymore. I mentioned my work experience. Nothing overly important, Continue reading [...]

In defence of determinism and predestination.

Good afternoon everyone. How are you all doing? I would say "I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine" but there doesn't appear to much of it about today; it is for this reason I find myself sat inside with a toasted tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, a glass of cherry coke and a bag of chilli heatwave Doritos attempting to explain to you all, the concepts of determinism and predestination. You see, the lack of sun (for some reason), inspired me to pop across the road to see my mother and, as always, a Continue reading [...]