In defence of determinism and predestination.

Good afternoon everyone. How are you all doing? I would say "I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine" but there doesn't appear to much of it about today; it is for this reason I find myself sat inside with a toasted tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, a glass of cherry coke and a bag of chilli heatwave Doritos attempting to explain to you all, the concepts of determinism and predestination. You see, the lack of sun (for some reason), inspired me to pop across the road to see my mother and, as always, a Continue reading [...]

The Empire Strikes Back

No, Darth Vader hasn’t attacked the Rebel outpost on the icy world of Hoth, nor has Han Solo been frozen in carbonite for the decorative purposes of Jabba the Hutt’s palace. Unfortunately, nothing that exciting has happened. More the age-old establishment, the Church has caused upset in the House of Lords this week as an amendment to the benefits reform led by the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds is voted in place of the original bill, which would see the amount of benefit available to eligible households Continue reading [...]

United for the Kingdom

Good afternoon everyone. How are we all doing? I guess I should start by apologising in advance, for I am indeed about to bore you with a politically related piece (I'm not sure which you'd prefer: politics or religion?). Click 'back' on your browser now if you'd prefer to return to reading about what [enter random chav's name] got up to last night, and how far they got with the 'hottest guy' in the club because you won't find such trivial nonsense here. I've been inspired to write about something Continue reading [...]

A beginner’s guide to theology.

Well, first off might I start by bidding you a good evening (or good night if you want to be pedantic), or indeed good morning if you've already changed your clocks. It has been far too long since my last update and I do feel slightly guilty, but university work has been a priority recently and has put me off writing to you for a while. Nonetheless, I'm writing now and on a topic which I promised to write about a few months ago, after I'd written my essay on it. I'm pleased to say that my Sources Continue reading [...]

Genius at work.

Surrounded by books, my netbook and a cup of tea and laying on the biggest and comfiest pillow known to man, is there really a better way to work? I'm currently working on the plan for my next essay, Study on the New Age and Pagan Spiritualities. It's actually not as dull as you'd think and there's a lot more to the New Age and Paganism than weird "hippies" worshipping crystals and believing in karma - the history and philosophy behind it is really quite fascinating. I'll be sure to post something Continue reading [...]

Liberal theology. Liberal politics.