Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

I’ve been a disgrace. I have not written to you in over a month and a half and the last of my posts was merely a link for some Michael Jackson fans to download snippets of the then upcoming songs from his new album. So for that you have my sincere apologies. I can’t even use the excuse that I’ve had nothing to write about, because let’s face it, the political scene in the UK hasn’t been excellent as of late; with me moaning to my housemates about the ridiculous scenes in London a few weeks ago caused by a few ignorant students, I could’ve written a ten thousand word thesis and saved their from ears hours of breakfast time punishment and let them enjoy their toast, cereal and tea in peace.

But no. I chose to sit idly by and ignore you all. However, as it’s Christmas tomorrow I thought I’d better send out a message to those of you that still follow me – I rather feel like the Queen now, giving my Christmas speech; but mine is better, because it’s from me. Clarke.

So it’s been an eventful year, full of highs, lows and smooth patches. The majority of my audience (I imagine) has flown the nest and entered the big wide and often scary world of life. Be it university, work or college we’ve all had to make and adjust to massive changes both emotionally and physically – in the sense of a physical move, not meaning we’ve all gotten fat (although over the next couple of weeks that may change). We’ve all had to make new friends, adjust to a new way of life and start acting like adults, something we’ve all managed to achieve fairly well. But at this time of year it’s certainly made me realise…there’s no place like home.

Earlier last week I had a sudden crisis of homesickness. Everything had just gotten on top of me and I needed to be home, I’m not going into details about it because that’s not what this ramble is about, but as aforementioned, it made me realise the importance of home. As much as being teenagers we are expected to hate home, get annoyed at our parents’ constant nagging and want to go out and do our own thing, not one of you reading this can tell me you didn’t breathe a sigh of relief or feel a huge weight taken off you shoulders, a feeling a safety and security the moment you walked through your front door in your respective home towns.

It’s the constant nagging, the irrelevant and sometimes pointless conversation, the rows and arguments and all the other things we dislike about home that make us love it so much. As great as it is to be able to go out and stay out as long as we want, eat what we want, bring home whomever we choose etcetera…there really is, no place like home; no food to cook, no washing to be done, no cleaning and hardly any responsibilities – home is fantastic.

So, let’s not forget it. Let’s  show our loved ones how much we appreciate everything that is done for us over this period because, let’s face it, once we’re back in January it all starts again.

Soppy and sentimental I know, I don’t know what’s  come over me. Nonetheless, I wish everyone reading a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! I will write to you again in 2011…

It’s my New Year’s resolution.

Love to you and all your families and loved ones this Christmas.

From me,


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