Here comes the first of many pointless ramblings…

As the title of the site suggests, I’m not just here to provide political news and entertainment know-how…I’m also here to share my thoughts with you all. You all being, the select few who have actually decided to follow my blog. So, here is my first ‘pointless rambling’ about…nothing at all really. I just fancied posting a blog because I’m nice, and I wanted you all to have something to read before you went to bed.

‘You all’ – there…I’m using that phrase again. As you can see, I’m living very much in the land of wishful thinking here, hoping that there are millions of people hanging on to my every word. I know they’re not, I guess it’s just nice to think so.

So…I don’t really have anything else to say – apart from that I’m feeling a little tipsy, which might explain my excessive use of ellipsis and hyphens and my inarticulate sentence structure (so unlike me I know). And that I really hope the way I’m feeling right now lasts – for most of you who know me things haven’t been ideal these past couple of days…and when I saw something on an unnamed social networking site – I’ll admit, I felt bad again.

But you know? Life’s too short to be feeling down and in the dumps. It’s done and dusted and people just have to pick themselves up from whatever low they’re facing and look to the light at the end of the tunnel – that’s the only way people can get through bad times in their lives and it’s the way I try to get through mine.

Anyway, pointless rambling number 1 of ???? over and out.

Goodnight lovely readers (those of you that have actually read this). I shall blog again tomorrow hopefully.


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