What happens next?

With the general election resulting in a hung parliament earlier this week, I think I’m safe to say that we’re all a bit fed up of waiting to see who exactly our next prime minister is going to be. Most of the youth population I know revile Cameron and think of him as a posh t*** who only cares about the rich. Most the population don’t want to see Brown cling onto number 10, and well…Clegg-mania never really took off did it? So what should happen now?

Basically, there are four options. The first of which most of us all know about – a Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition government. Cameron’s that desperate for power that he thought he’d beg Clegg for a coalition, forgetting the most important condition that would get him into bed; electoral reform has been one of the Lib Dem’s key policies ever since before Charles Kennedy and it doesn’t look likely that the Tories will give up on their first-past-the-post system. Where does that leave Clegg?

We could have a Lib-Lab coalition. With a promise of immediate legislation from Brown to reform the ‘unfair’ voting system to a new proportional representation system, that should surely have Nicky chomping on the bit. No? Clegg won’t want to be seen as backing the party that lost the election so spectacularly. But with the guarantee of cabinet positions for at least six Lib Dem MPs, should Clegg really pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity for power?

The two remaining possible outcomes are probably the most likely to happen. Cameron could form a minority Conservative government which (let’s face it) would most likely fail after a few months resulting in another general election in the autumn of 2010.

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