Uniting the 52 with the 48

So I’m back from Lib Dem conference and what an amazing time I had. I met so many lovely people am grateful to them all for being so warm and hospitable towards me. I also attended some very interesting debates on future Lib Dem policy, the most attended of which was probably the debate on our […]

Why There Must Be An Early General Election

So history has been made this week: David Cameron has become the youngest Prime Minister to leave office at the tender age of 49. In his place, former Home Secretary Theresa May, who was elected by…oh. That’s right. She hasn’t been elected at all. The new Prime Minister has assumed office with the backing of 199 […]

The Choice is Clear: Voting Lib Dem is a vote to Remain

Tonight the Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, announced in a statement to party members that despite the referendum result on Thursday returning a 4% majority in favour of leaving the European Union, the Liberal Democrats will campaign the next General Election (which could be in a matter of months) on the promise of keeping the […]

Brexit: The Biggest Con in UK History

So yesterday was an interesting day: the unthinkable happened. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. And no, I’m not happy about it. I’m heartbroken, I’m disappointed and I’m angry. A decision has been made that will forever change the face of politics here in the UK, across Europe and perhaps even the […]