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Corbyn’s a Principled Man: But He Cares Nothing About the Future of the Labour Party

I'm not normally one to comment on the affairs or issues of political parties other than my own (the Liberal Democrats in case you didn't know), but the fallout from Thursday's referendum and its impact on the Labour Party has got me and indeed the whole nation wondering just what the hell is going on. Whilst it may be fair to comment that media outlets, in particular the BBC is lending far too much airtime to the leadership crisis as opposed to the clear incompetence and ineptitude of leave campaigners, Continue reading [...]

A Mock(ery) Election

The past few months have seen nothing but antagonistic and negative press regarding the Labour leadership contest. Seeing the papers this morning is no different and this whole business really angers me. This enitre leadership  contest has been a joke and has made a mockery of the Labour Party. Whilst the Liberal Democrats elected our leader quietly and with dignity, Labour have opened a public blood-bath and are tearing themselves apart. What trust can/should the British public put in a party Continue reading [...]

Milliband strikes! Or maybe not…

Good afternoon fellow readers, how are you doing? I actually put off writing this blog until today as I thought the contents of the Trinity ramble may have fried your brains, if you'd read it. Even if not, I just thought I'd give a quick analysis (wrong word perhaps?) of this week's Labour victory in the Oldham by-election. I actually feel quite guilty. Being a member of the Lib Dems I get invited to all sorts of meetings and really cool things of the political type, one such thing included Continue reading [...]

New government by this evening?

The latest reports from the BBC suggest that Britain will have a new government this evening. Officials from number 10 have confirmed that they recognise that talks between themselves, the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats have failed and that Mr Brown is expected to resign as prime minister later today. It still remains unclear as to the exact involvement of the Liberal Democrats; is there a coalition between the two or will it be a minority Tory government? Either way David Cameron is expected Continue reading [...]

My take on Brown’s departure

With the announced resignation of Mr Brown this afternoon, it's playing on my mind that a Liberal Democrat/Labour coalition looks more and more likely. Talks have formally opened between the two parties which begs the question as to what's going on exactly with the Tory talks? I reckon, it was one of Clegg's conditions of forming a coalition; he didn't want to be seen as backing a failed party but with a new, refreshed, re-vitalised Labour party perhaps the Sheffield loving liberal leader will Continue reading [...]