Families eh?!

Afternoon. How are you all? You may have noticed that I have removed the last post from the front page, it seemed a little whiny and I'm not in the business of constantly complaining to you. So it's gone. Instead, I thought I'd replace it with a nice jolly post about my family outing today. Feel free to switch off...now. So, here I was. Seven o'clock this morning being rudely awaken by the unmistakable sound of my mum pottering and rushing around, making sandwiches and flasks of tea and coffee Continue reading [...]

Hi there September.

Afternoon everyone! I've changed the name of the blog (yet again) to something a bit more plain and simple. "I am Clarke Roberts" comes as a quote from my mum in a recent conversation we had. As some of you reading this may know I've been not been brilliant recently and during a pep talk, she simply said to me: "You are Clarke Roberts, and you are fantastic" - I am Clarke Roberts. Simple, but yet it speaks volumes. Everything I write on here is me, be it about religion, philosophy, politics or more Continue reading [...]

Why do I always draw triangles?

Morning readers, is the rain keeping you inside too? If you're wondering about the title, well I'm currently sat in my dressing gown with a cup of tea listening to Ellie Goulding. "Why do I always draw triangles?" is a lyric from her song I Wish I Stayed and so I just thought I'd use it as a starting point for this post. I always draw triangles because I'm lazy. Well, I'm not lazy but it seems as though when I'm not working I'm doing absolutely nothing. And even when I do have work either in the Continue reading [...]

I can’t think of a title, but here goes.

Good evening everyone! How are you all doing? You may have noticed the site has changed a little since I last posted back in June; The Lonely Tree is the new title for my blog and I've decided (as to ensure I keep up with writing), that instead of just writing about politics, philosophy etc. that I would go back to my roots as seen on Pointless Ramblings and also include some more personal posts. The first of which I'm about to start now. So here I am, sat at my new desk, in my new room at my Continue reading [...]

Where I was, two years ago.

For those of you who don't know, today marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. On MJJC, an international fan community website, there is a forum discussion talking about where we all were when we heard that Michael has passed. I just thought I'd share my response with you.     I remember I was up late anyway, I was on MJJC and I saw the thread that was discussing a sighting of an ambulance entering and leaving Michael's home - we all thought it was one of his staff. Then Continue reading [...]