I can’t think of a title, but here goes.

Good evening everyone! How are you all doing? You may have noticed the site has changed a little since I last posted back in June; The Lonely Tree is the new title for my blog and I’ve decided (as to ensure I keep up with writing), that instead of just writing about politics, philosophy etc. that I would go back to my roots as seen on Pointless Ramblings and also include some more personal posts. The first of which I’m about to start now.

So here I am, sat at my new desk, in my new room at my new house. The sunset is beaming through the fire escape window lighting my room with a soft orange glow. Slow relaxing music is playing in the background and all I can think about, is one moment.

Something that happened recently has been playing on my mind all day and I guess here is the only place I can really talk about it. The reason it’s been playing on my mind so much is because it was one of those moments that, whilst you’re in it, you don’t want it to end. One of those moments that when you wake up, you’re not quite sure as to whether or not it really happened. One of those moments where if it did happen, you hope more than anything that anyone involved remembers it too. One of those moments that where anything that was said, you hope was said with complete sincerity and honesty. One of those moments that for a few days afterwards makes you think, makes you quiet and makes you want to do nothing but talk about it.

One of those moments that in every spare moment you have, inhabits your every thought. One of those moments where you plan your goodbye with the person involved, and think about your next hello. One of those moments that has you desperate to talk to that person, even if it’s about nothing at all. One of those moments that when put into perspective isn’t that big a deal, but to you means the world.

This moment, that happened recently has really made what has been a strange week for me seem completely obsolete. In a week when it would’ve been my three year anniversary, a week where I was beginning to realise that I wasn’t happy with who I am, a week when a horoscope stopped me in my tracks and made me take a long look at my attitude towards things; this moment has changed all of that.

It’s not what was done but what was said recently that has made me feel this way. If the person involved is reading this (which I have a suspicion they could well be), this isn’t some sort of weird confession of infactuation, more an admission of how much it meant.

Now I’m just waiting for the thinking to be done. It could be a long wait or it could be a very short wait. Either way, I’m feeling pretty smiley – so much so for the first ever in the history of my blog, I’m going to use a smiley face


There we go, you weren’t expecting that now were you?

I suppose I should probably stop being so cryptic and just get on with washing up and ironing my uniform for the morning – oh the mundane life of a student! I suggest that you go do something a little more exciting than being sat at a computer screen seemingly pouring your heart out in a fashion that would make Gandalf and the Riddler look like blunt dysphemistic arse holes.

Good evening or good night to you (whichever you prefer).

It’s good to be back.

Lots of love, from me.

Clarke…if you’d forgotten.

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