Hi there September.

Afternoon everyone! I’ve changed the name of the blog (yet again) to something a bit more plain and simple. “I am Clarke Roberts” comes as a quote from my mum in a recent conversation we had. As some of you reading this may know I’ve been not been brilliant recently and during a pep talk, she simply said to me: “You are Clarke Roberts, and you are fantastic” – I am Clarke Roberts. Simple, but yet it speaks volumes. Everything I write on here is me, be it about religion, philosophy, politics or more personal posts – without talking to me face to face, this blog is pretty much a window into my thoughts, my musings and generally my life.

So anyway, to business. A new month, a new start? Perhaps. The new semester is looming and soon I’ll even have a new-look throat! No, I’m not getting it remoulded or anything like that – after years of torment and suffering I have finally been “allowed” to have to tonsils removed. So, people out there know – come the 15th September, for two weeks, I will need pampering, looking after and just generally being taken care of.

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post…ah well.

As for University, I can’t wait to start again! I feel like I’ve lost touch with my subject and I desperately need to get back into it. After attempting to read Hick’s The Metaphor of God Incarnate, I decided that theological/philosophical books didn’t really suit for light reading over the summer, so instead I stuck my head into The Empire Strikes Back…well actually, just into the first three chapters. I’m not much of a reader and in this instance, the films are far superior to the books.

So a failed attempt at reading, an appointment for mutilation of my throat, encounters with gypsies and numerous white washing loads for Hilton shifts pretty much sums up my August. Well, almost.

In my two previous posts, I make reference to an event that happened in July and to which I was still awaiting an outcome. I thought I had the outcome, perhaps I still do. But then maybe I don’t. Confused? So am I.

I’m going to leave it there for now. I could (and want) to say a lot more but I know I shouldn’t. Venting and pouring has gotten me into trouble in the past and if something positive is to come out of August, then I need to just be patient. I need to wait, I need to “chill”. Which for those of you who know me is nearly impossible for me to do as I worry about almost anything and everything.

A time machine would be nice right now. But I guess the neighbour’s loud music, stomach ache and shit weather will have to suffice.

Good day to you, you lovely lot.

Again, updates on anything as soon as I know.

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