Where I was, two years ago.

For those of you who don’t know, today marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. On MJJC, an international fan community website, there is a forum discussion talking about where we all were when we heard that Michael has passed. I just thought I’d share my response with you.



I remember I was up late anyway, I was on MJJC and I saw the thread that was discussing a sighting of an ambulance entering and leaving Michael’s home – we all thought it was one of his staff.

Then my sister (who was taking me and a friend to the 22nd July O2 show) sent me a message telling me to check the news. I switched on BBC and it was one of those “we’re receiving reports” type things, it just said that Michael had been taken to hospital, nothing serious. I remember thinking that he’d probably fallen or something during rehearsals.

I actually turned off the telly and was ready to get to bed when the friend I was going to the concert with, called me and told me to turn on the news. There it was, on BBC, the aerial shots of UCLA are the most vivid image I have of that night. I watched all night. I turned cold when they reported that TMZ were saying he’d died, and then when confirmation came…
My mum had been watching with me, she just gave me a hug and I cried a little.

I was at sixth form (college) the next day. All my friends rushed over to me as soon as they saw me to comfort me. I couldn’t listen to his music for a couple of days. I bought and still have a copy of The Times newspaper from Friday 26th, the headline is “The King of Pop, Michael Jackson Dies at 50” – I thought that was the nicest headline I’d seen.
I’ll remember Michael as the man who brought music and dance into my life, the man who helped me through some of my darkest moments and who contributed to some of my brightest. He inspires me to be the best in my field and to help others where possible.

His music is eternal, and where his body is no longer with us, I believe his soul will live on through the legacy he has left us all. I’m not religious, so I don’t believe he’s in heaven or anything…but there’s something in his music that keeps me thinking he’s still with us in soul. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t offend anyone.
Anyway, rant over haha 🙂

Rest in peace Michael.


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