All quiet on the Westminster front

Is there a danger that Mr Cameron is already leaning too much towards the Liberal and not enough towards the Conservative?

Many of you are probably wondering why I’ve not posted anything political for a while. Truth is, it’s all seemed to have died down; Clegg has full support of his Liberal followers, senior Tories have warmed to the idea of the coalition and the Labour leadership battle is just getting under way with both Milliband brothers standing for election – there’s nothing overly dramatic going on. It’s all a bit quiet and happy happy…a bit too happy quiet and happy happy.

But you know, if things are so tranquil and people are happy with the new government then I guess it’s a good thing – the era of new politics has dawned. Cameron and his Tories are getting on with the job, chancellor George Osborne is to set out the government’s deficit reduction scheme this week and Cameron announced his plans for Europe, all is well?

I think the election fever has worn off and the initial excitement that surrounded the forming of our first coalition government since the war has really worn off and we could see people turning against the new prime minister in weeks, as details of tax rises become apparent.

So, there’s not really a great deal to say in relation to politics at the moment thus be prepared for a shortage in rants relating to Westminster and its demons. I might take my mind in a different direction for a while, focusing on things of a religious and philosophical nature – it’s nice to have a good debate.

Again, I apologise for the seemingly increasing lack of cohesion and formality of my recent posts; squeezing your brain for something to write is more taxing than it sounds.

Love to you all.

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