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The Christian Case for Electoral Reform

It's a topic many within the political sphere talk about, but far fewer want to see anything done about it. The issue of electoral reform has been on the Liberal agenda for decades and more recently has gathered support from UKIP, the SNP, the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and even from some within the Labour Party! But even when the public were asked in a 2011 referendum on introducing the Alternative Vote system, there appeared no appetite for change. The 2015 General Election yielded the most disproportionate Continue reading [...]

Petition to Change Our Electoral System

Dear readers, As you know from previous posts around the General Election, the issue of electoral reform is something I care very deeply about. This morning I began an online petition to prompt the government to debate the issue in Parliament. I support a system of proportional representation by the Single Transferrable Vote; this has been a key policy of the Liberal Democrats (and formerly the Liberal Party) for over 20 years and something I think the British public need to be made aware of. The Continue reading [...]

The Case for Electoral Reform Has Never Been Stronger

The election is only three days away and yet the outcome is still as unclear as ever. The only certainty is that we are heading, yet again for a hung parliament. No one party will command a majority in the House of Commons leading to long deliberations as to who should govern the United Kingdom for the next five years. The majority of political commentary in recent weeks and days has focused heavily on how potential coalitions will look; will there be a shade of blue and purple? Or will Ed Miliband Continue reading [...]