Theresa May: Stop this Madness

Dear Ms. May,

I am writing to you as very concerned citizen of Yorkshire; a citizen of England; a citizen of the United Kingdom; a citizen of Europe; a citizen of the World. I, like 16 million others voted to remain a member of the European Union back in June 2016 and undoubtedly shared their despair and devastation at the result that came on the 24th. It is a result I regret and a result that I do not agree with, but it is a result I accept.

That is however, until the economic warnings espoused by the “fear-mongers” started to come to pass. A plummeting pound, evidence of an increase in fuel prices, big businesses threatening to cease investment and move their operations elsewhere and now the UK’s largest supermarket chain refusing to sell products because they are now deemed too expensive. As a politician, I’m sure you’re aware of all of this so you don’t need some 24-year-old Liberal Democrat from Yorkshire reminding you. But perhaps what you do need reminding of, is the duty of elected representatives in the House of Commons, to serve the British people and the country in the best way possible, by making decisions that work to the country’s advantage.

Your clear pursuit of the so-called “Hard Brexit” clearly stands in contention with this. Rather than focussing your efforts on securing UK membership or indeed access to the single market, thereby securing British jobs, businesses and the success of our economy, you are chasing a dystopic future in which immigration is tightly restricted. A future which answers the prayers of those on the hard-right; a future which sees an end to our country’s open, tolerant and united vision of the world; a future which you appear to think 17 million people voted for when they crossed the “LEAVE” box on 23rd June. The fact is, Ms. May, nobody had the opportunity to say why they were voting leave. Nobody made it clear to you or any of the other Brexiteers why they were voting leave. And now, as you seek to command the respect of 17 million people by following through on their wish, you are imposing your will onto them. So much for taking back control; so much for being the leader of a party who “works for everyone”.

Your refusal to let our sovereign parliament vote on the terms of the negotiation is in breach of democracy and is an absolute disgrace. You have hijacked parliament, with no mandate to govern from the British people, to commit to the biggest act of political masochism in a generation. Your refusal to even consider the notion that the people who you trusted to choose to depart the EU, should have a say on the nature of a future relationship with it, shows how elitist and out of touch you are.

But you are the Prime Minister. You can see what damage even the thought of Brexit alone, is doing to our country. Whilst the pound’s value plummets, hate crime rises. You and the Tory elite are talking behind closed doors about the future of the entire country, whilst your shut out elected Members of Parliament from across all parties. It is not only disgraceful but shameful. You talk about unity yet you fail to see that what you are doing is further dividing our country and our parliament.

You can put an end to all of this. Let us not forget that the referendum result is advisory only. Let us not forget that you were elected to the House of Commons to act in our country’s best interests. You were elected to the House of Commons to make decisions that would strengthen our country. I’m no economist, but it doesn’t take one to know how damaging Brexit is and is going to be for our country. The mere fact that you continue to pursue it is not only irresponsible, it is an abuse of power.

Let our MPs vote on your negotiating terms; let the country decide on your deal. It is our future in your hands.

Yours sincerely,

Clarke Roberts

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