Is God a Lib Dem? (2016)

Is God a Lib Dem? An investigation into the synergy between political and theological liberalism; focusing on the political and theological reflections of members within the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.

This piece of research was completed as part of the assessment for my Master’s degree in Contemporary Religion and formed the final dissertation. It was awarded a distinction.


This research explores the relationship between politics and theology, in particular theological and political liberalism. Through careful analysis of the reflections of Christian members of the Liberal Democrats, the research shows how Christians themselves reflect on the idea that political views and political activism are influenced by theological beliefs, as well as exploring the theological basis for the key political issues explored by those interviewed. It also explores the synergy between political and theological liberalism by determining whether the theological attitudes expressed by those interviewed are consistent with the aims of liberalism, and attempts to show how where there is disparity, ordinary Christians reconcile the differences between their theological beliefs and their political views. The research also questions how far theology should have a part to play in political policy formation, again based on the reflections of Christian Liberal Democrats.

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