An Analysis of John Hick’s Christology (2013)

This piece of research was completed as part of my undergraduate study of Theology & Religious Studies at York St John University and was awarded the graduation prize for outstanding academic achievement.


The main focus of this research is in the area of Christian theology known as Christology; the study of the person and work of Christ (Christie 2012: 1). This research is centred on the Christology as offered by the liberal theologian John Hick, who places emphasis on Jesus’ humanity and suggests that his supposed divinity is meant, in a merely metaphorical sense. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges presented to someone who is not Christian, is the notion of a person who, it is claimed in Christian dogma, was both fully human and fully divine. Hick’s Christological conclusions are considered highly controversial as they demonstrate a dramatic shift from the traditional doctrinal claims. To one who is not of the faith, can his conclusions perhaps pave a way to a new understanding of Christianity? This research aims to find out.

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