Trump is on right on Brexit, which is why we need a people’s vote

Well this has certainly been an interesting week. England crashed out of the World Cup (twice if you count their defeat at the hands of Belgium this afternoon), David Davis and Boris Johnson both resigned, and US president Donald Trump made his first official visit to the UK in his role as apparent leader of […]

Faith schools should be a thing of the past

It’s only a week to go until the Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference in York and one policy motion in particular, has me quite animated. It’s the policy motion regarding faith schools and the role they should, or shouldn’t play in our education system, moving forward. Those of you know me (and for those of you […]

The Illiberal Democrats?

Exclusive Shortlists Are Illiberal and Undemocratic Those of you who watched the Andrew Marr show last Sunday would have seen much talk about the upcoming EU Referendum, but there is one story that emerged that has gotten me and many other within the Liberal Democrats, spitting feathers. The Independent on Sunday published a story claiming […]

The Trade Union Bill Isn’t Perfect, But Reform Is Needed

I’ve done nothing but write political pieces recently and to those readers who enjoy my theological articles, I apologise. I restart my Master’s degree tomorrow so I hope to get back into the swing of things soon: my theological musings will return soon enough. But for now, another political rant from your favourite Lib Dem. […]