A guide to liberal faith: from a liberal

Most people are surprised when I tell them that I am a man of faith. Not because I’m some sort of deviant who left the rails of righteousness many years ago, but because I’ve always portrayed myself as a man of reason and logic, and I’ve spoken about my love and interest of science, in […]

In defence of Deism.

By recommendation from Dr Ann Christie at York St John University and inspired from a lecture I attended yesterday regarding how theology can help us understand the environmental crises we now face, it is to an extension of a previous article I wrote¹ that I turn this afternoon. The theologian at the centre of discussion […]

Genius at work.

Surrounded by books, my netbook and a cup of tea and laying on the biggest and comfiest pillow known to man, is there really a better way to work? I’m currently working on the plan for my next essay, Study on the New Age and Pagan Spiritualities. It’s actually not as dull as you’d think […]