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A guide to liberal faith: from a liberal

Most people are surprised when I tell them that I am a man of faith. Not because I'm some sort of deviant who left the rails of righteousness many years ago, but because I've always portrayed myself as a man of reason and logic, and I've spoken about my love and interest of science, in particular, astronomy. Now there may be some of you wondering why those things cause surprise amongst people when they learn of my faith convictions. To be honest, I often wonder the same. But when I attempt to understand Continue reading [...]

In defence of Deism.

By recommendation from Dr Ann Christie at York St John University and inspired from a lecture I attended yesterday regarding how theology can help us understand the environmental crises we now face, it is to an extension of a previous article I wrote¹ that I turn this afternoon. The theologian at the centre of discussion in the lecture was an American eco-feminist named Sallie McFague; her approach to theology was, at first, something I actually sympathised with! She's in favour of the use of metaphor Continue reading [...]

Genius at work.

Surrounded by books, my netbook and a cup of tea and laying on the biggest and comfiest pillow known to man, is there really a better way to work? I'm currently working on the plan for my next essay, Study on the New Age and Pagan Spiritualities. It's actually not as dull as you'd think and there's a lot more to the New Age and Paganism than weird "hippies" worshipping crystals and believing in karma - the history and philosophy behind it is really quite fascinating. I'll be sure to post something Continue reading [...]