Happy New Year!

As the title says really, Happy New Year! A little premature I realise but knowing the flaws of technology, the internet is sure to crash as soon as the clock hits midnight across the world tonight. Not only that, but writing to you now gives me a perfect excuse to do not write my essay…but shush! Don’t tell anyone.

Well, what a year 2011 has been – not just for me personally but for the world! I saw a program last week about the natural disasters of the past year and you have to agree, there have been far too many to be considered normal. The number of big public figures that have died this year is also, beyond belief. The year for me has been dominated by massive ups, but a few downs too (we know what they are). My first full year at university has been a brilliant one, full of great times, memories and to be honest…pretty good grades too!

2011 has been a year of self-discovery for me. Discovering who I actually am was a big part of it, and with that perhaps the beginning of a new found spirituality within myself. Having studied theology for over a year now, I’m starting to ask question about my own beliefs and faith. Will I become fully religious? Who knows? There are still a lot of questions that I have, questions I’m sure theology will attempt to answer. I don’t think I’ll find faith sat in the pews or in the pages of the Bible, more through my own thinking and experience.

One thing we have to realise as we go into the new year is: no matter what ills have befouled us this year (and I’ve had my fair share), we need to think of all the positives we have had too. We need to keep these in mind and enter 2012 full of optimism. Also, all the things we have to look forward to: for me, the Olympics are going to be great, I have my sister’s wedding, starting my final year of my degree…all sorts! I have a trip to Scotland this week which I’m pretty excited about (a great way to start the new year if you ask me).

So, a short well-wishing from me. I hope you all have a fantastic new year, whether you’re spending it drinking copious amounts of alcohol or sat infront of the telly with the family watching the countdowns. Let’s hope (and pray) that 2012 is a fantastic year, full of good fortune and great things.

Love to you all.