It’s been a long day, so let’s round things up.

Nick Clegg and William HagueAs the title says, it indeed has been a very long day and one filled with drama, both personal and political. I’ve moved house which, let’s face it, is never an easy task especially when my mother is involved. After only two hours of living in the new flat she was on to the landlord informing him that we were locked in because the front door lock was jammed and could not be opened – a great start to a new life! Another personal drama; I had the clippers used on my hair for the first time in about six years! Shock horror! Those of you who know me well we realise that this indeed is a big deal. Those of you who don’t, I encourage you to disregard the latter sentence.

Politically, Nick Clegg became the first Liberal Democrat leader to take Prime Minister’s Questions since 1922 and left an impression on the commons and the journalists of Britain; both positive and negative. Those of you who read my earlier ramble will know that personally, I think he did very well although after doing a search on Twitter it became apparent that the vast majority of Tweeters did not share my views and optimism, still maintaining that he has indeed sold himself out to the Tories. You know, part of me does agree with this (contradictory to my older post I know but let me explain). Having thought about it, it appears as though Clegg is offering no challenge to Tory policy despite the fact a lot of his MPs disagree with said proposals. I’m in a political limbo and for the first time perhaps in my life I cannot form a constructive and logical viewpoint to take. I’m literally torn down the middle when it comes to Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems and the coalition – someone help me?

Naiivety struck today though, the Deputy PM has been warned by a top lawyer about his ‘illegal invasion of Iraq’ jeer; “A public statement by a government minister in parliament as to the legal situation would be a statement that an international court would be interested in, in forming a view as to whether or not the war was lawful.” ( Very damaging and evident of Clegg’s lack of experience and age – although he maintained that he was speaking from a personal viewpoint, a statement like that made at the government dispatch box in the House of Commons could be legally dangerous for Britain and could provoke an inquiry by international courts. We all know Clegg is very young, but surely the Deputy Prime Minister should know better?

Again, my views of the man have been skewed. I just think I should be leader and have done.

One thing I am glad to ‘report’ however is the rejected idea of the graduate tax – I’m happy to know I won’t have to pay extra tax just for the privilege of having a degree.

Anyway, as you might have been able to guess, I’m becoming sloppy with words and my use of semi-colons and hyphens is becoming more exhausted indicating my fatigue and weariness – evidence that it has in fact been a very long and tiring day. Hopefully by tomorrow, the flat will be in some sort of functional and liveable state so I can crack down and write a very interesting, deep and thought provoking ramble – BAH! Like that will ever happen you’re saying, well, just you wait.

For now though everybody, it’s goodnight from me.

Love to you all.

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