Faith schools should be a thing of the past

It’s only a week to go until the Liberal Democrats’ Spring Conference in York and one policy motion in particular, has me quite animated. It’s the policy motion regarding faith schools and the role they should, or shouldn’t play in our education system, moving forward. Those of you know me (and for those of you […]

In Defence of Religious Studies

The importance of religious studies as an academic discipline is something for which I have argued many times in the past, however it is a culmination of events and conversations this week that have compelled me to explain and cement the absolute necessity of religious studies to have a place in our schools’ classrooms. There […]

Emerging Theologians: Theology from the Classroom

Following reports published recently in the British media, the state of Religious Studies in secondary schools across the country has been criticised greatly. The poor quality of education is being delivered by teachers who either have no extensive knowledge of the subject, or who are not at all qualified to teach RS; needless to say […]

Schools Failing in Religious Studies: My Response to the BBC

An article published today on the BBC news website has definitely caught my attention; so much so it prompted me to write a response. You can read it here, below. Original article: “Having just completed a BA in Theology & Religious Studies, this news disappoints me even more than it would have prior to my […]